A Different Type of Holding Company

Drawing on the fruits of two decades of hi-tech investment success, together with a reputation for integrity and managerial acumen – The BRM Group is redefining the traditional holding company business model.

With a refreshing investment strategy that encompasses both hi-tech and established industries, The BRM Group offers our partners and entrepreneurs the best of both these worlds. Together with the power of flexibly available financial resources, The BRM Group brings a new model of accessibility and hands-on management involvement to our portfolio companies.

History of Success

The privately-held BRM Group was founded in 1988 as BRM Technologies by Eli Barkat (BRM Chairman), Nir Barkat (Current Mayor of Jerusalem), Yuval Rakavy and Omri Man (no longer a partner).

Following the sale of BRM Technologies’ pioneering anti-virus and backup technology to Symantec in 1993, BRM turned its attention to early stage technology investments, notably including CheckPoint Technologies (NASDAQ: CHKP), and BackWeb Technologies (NASDAQ:BWEB), among others.

Building on the success of these and other investments, in 2001 the Group founded BRM Capital - a $150 million venture capital fund anchored by a $90M private investment by the BRM partners. Supported by a hands-on investment strategy, the fund built a first-class portfolio of market leaders, and boasted a series of successful exits, positioning the fund’s performance in the top quartile, and as one of the only year 2000 vintage funds with a positive IRR. Some of BRM Capital’s notable exits include:

  • April 2005 - Oplus acquired by Intel [see more]
  • April 2006 - Passave acquired by PMC-Sierra [see more]
  • June 2006 - Whale Communications acquired by Microsoft [see more
  • January 2008 – Fraud Sciences acquired by PayPal (eBay) [see more]
  • June 2011 - Mediamind acquired by DG 

Building on its Success

Today, The BRM Group continues to expand and evolve in and beyond the Israeli technology market.

  • Technology - The BRM Group continues to invest in the Israel-related hi-tech industry via BRM Hi-Tech. As BRM Group’s private technology arm we offer entrepreneurs knowledge, networking and capital with best of market entrepreneur-friendly investment terms and a long-term, company-building focus.
           Working closely with our portfolio companies, BRM Hi-Tech
           leverages a streamlined decision-making process - providing
           entrepreneurs easy access to valued-added senior team members 
           and a true alignment of interests.
  • Traditional Industries - Leveraging the continuing success of BRM's acclaimed and uniquely hands-on investment and portfolio management approach in the hi-tech sphere, the BRM Group has begun actively pursuing investment opportunities in traditional industries in Israel - such as telecommunication services, financial markets and real estate.

          The Group’s recently-launched multi-market investment vehicle, 
          BRM Enterprise, brings to established industries the benefits of  and
          accessible capital, a sterling reputation for integrity, international, a  
          history  of building success stories. Beyond these clear advantages,
          BRM Enterprise brings to the table a  refreshing model of modern
          hands-on management style, entrepreneurial approach, and easy   
          access to decision makers – changing the way investors,
          stakeholders, and company executives look at investment partners.

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