GigaSpaces to Exhibit at the 6th Annual Microsoft Financial Services Developer Conference

GigaSpaces to Preview its Scalable, Low Latency Solution for Microsoft Excel-Based Applications

Who: GigaSpaces Technologies, the leading provider of a grid application server for Java, .Net and C++ environments

What: Exhibitor at the 2008 Annual Microsoft Financial Services Developer Conference

When: March 12-13, 2008

Daily Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST

Where: Marriott Marquis Hotel
1535 Broadway
New York, New York, 10036
United States

New York, NY-March 5, 2008 - GigaSpaces Technologies today announced that it will exhibit at the 6th Annual Microsoft Financial Services Developer Conference in New York City. Bringing together more than 600 business and technical leaders, the 2008 Microsoft Financial Services Developer Conference will focus on providing developers and architects in Financial Services a clear roadmap of the Microsoft development platform with a focus on High Performance Computing (HPC).

At the conference, GigaSpaces will present its high-performance, scalable .Net application server, interoperability between .NET, C++ and Java, and its recently announced Excel-That-Scales solution.

The GigaSpaces solution allows Microsoft Excel users to leverage the power of the data center, as opposed to relying on the power of the local desktop machine on which the spreadsheet runs. Tasks are submitted to a grid of servers directly from the spreadsheet and results are returned with maximum resiliency, performance and scalability.

Developers and architects who use Windows HPC Server 2008 will have an opportunity to see a preview of GigaSpaces' latest offering, a scalable, low latency solution for Microsoft Excel-based applications running on Windows HPC Server 2008 clusters. The solution enables high volume Financial Services Excel users to leverage the power of Windows-based grids. Integrating GigaSpaces XAP with Windows HPC Server's scheduling capabilities allows routing each job to the node where the data required to perform that job resides. This "Data Aware Scheduling" functionality insures the lowest possible latency and maximum scalability.

Demos of Excel-That-Scales and the integration between GigaSpaces, Windows HPC Server 2008 and MS-Excel will be presented at the GigaSpaces booth (BOOTH "G").

About GigaSpaces
GigaSpaces Technologies is a leading provider of a scale-out application server for Java, .Net and C++ environments. The GigaSpaces middleware is a single product that handles data, business logic and messaging -- and utilizes industry-standard APIs and an open source stack to provide a complete application infrastructure solution. With GigaSpaces, applications can be easily built for scalability, reliability and high-performance in distributed environments, such as SOA, clusters, grids and cloud computing.

GigaSpaces' customers include leading organizations in financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing and the Internet, where the need for mission-critical high-performance, reliability and scalability necessitates an alternative to traditional approaches. GigaSpaces was founded in 2000 and has offices worldwide. For more information, visit


For additional information, contact:

Rachel Miller
SHIFT Communications
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Corey Manley
GigaSpaces Technologies, Inc.
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