Pando Networks Collaborates with Intel to Achieve Energy Efficient Content Delivery

Pando Networks support for Intel® Remote Wake technology enables content providers to remotely 'wake' the home PC from energy efficient sleep mode to deliver digital media
New York, NY, August 14, 2008 – Pando Networks, the leading provider of commercial P2P content delivery services, today announced the world's first content delivery service to make use of Intel’s Remote Wake technology.  This enhancement makes the personal computer an always available and energy efficient extension to content distribution networks.  The combination of Pando Networks secure content delivery services and Intel Remote Wake will offer content providers and consumers more choice in how they can access, purchase, and download digital media content to the home PC, even when consumers are not at home.  Beyond added convenience, Intel Remote Wake technology will benefit consumers by reducing the energy consumption associated with keeping the home PC always on. Select Intel Motherboards with support for Intel Remote Wake technology will be available next month.

In addition to supporting secure content delivery services, the Pando collaboration with Intel’s Remote Wake capability is an important technology to enable an elegant and efficient remote media access experience from any Internet enabled device.  Once the PC “wakes up’, Pando Networks highly secure P2P content delivery service delivers media rapidly and cost effectively.

Joe Van De Water, Director of Consumer Product Marketing for Intel stated, “Intel and Pando have a common vision to enable technology building blocks that deliver more energy efficiency options for consumers and content providers. Intel is fortunate to be collaborating with Pando Networks on their latest content delivery service release, which supports Intel Remote Wake technology. Together, our technologies enable added convenience and energy efficiency for consumers who prefer ‘automatically’ downloaded media from content providers.”
“The home computer is increasingly a media delivery and playback device. We are very proud to be aligned with Intel on this project which enhances those capabilities,” said Robert Levitan, CEO of Pando Networks. “Our support of this technology enables media and entertainment companies to offer new choices to consumers in a secure and highly scalable environment, while also being energy efficient."
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About Pando Networks, Inc.
Pando Networks is the leading provider of managed P2P content delivery services. Pando technology combines the reliability and control of CDNs with the scale and cost efficiencies of P2P protocols. Pando co-chairs with Verizon the P4P Working Group that is developing methods to enable ISPs and P2P service providers to route data more efficiently. Pando is funded by Intel Capital, BRM Capital and Wheatley Partners. Pando has received numerous industry awards including: AlwaysOn 100 Top Private Company, TechCrunch Connected Innovator, C/net Webware 100 and Web Video Summit 2007 Hottest Products of the Year. For more information, please visit


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