Wavion selected by Coolnet to Provide Wi-Fi Coverage in main cities of the Palestinian Territories

Yoqne’am, Israel, May 18, 2009 - Wavion™, a company transforming the Metro and Rural Wi-Fi market with a new category of Wi-Fi Base Stations, and Coolnet, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the Palestinian Territories, today announced the completion of  a large scale Wi-Fi deployment based on Wavion WBS-2400 Base Stations in the Palestinian Territories. The WBS-2400 Base Stations will provide high-speed wireless (Wi-Fi) connectivity to medium and small businesses and residences in main cities in the Palestinian Territories.

“As a service provider in the Palestine Territories, our goal is to cover our cities and towns with Wi-Fi and enable reliable broadband internet connectivity to our customers”, said Hani Alami, the CEO of Coolnet. “After a thorough examination of the existing Wi-Fi solutions, we have chosen Wavion’s WBS-2400 because of its powerful and unique beamforming technology which enabled us to deploy our network with lower CAPEX and offer high quality internet services at lower prices to our customers”.

Wavion’s WBS-2400 spatially adaptive beamforming base stations provide extended range, improved indoor penetration and better interference resilience. The WBS-2400 base stations where installed in the cities of Ramallah, Nablus, Bethlehem and Hebron and provide internet connectivity for business and residential users with 512KBps and 1MBps. 

“We are proud to be selected by Coolnet for their large scale metro Wi-Fi deployment”, said Eran Kaplan, EVP of Sales and Marketing.  “It is yet another testimonial to our superior performance in terms of range, indoors penetration, non-line-of-sight connectivity, and to its unique value proposition for city-wide deployments”.

About Wavion
Wavion is transforming the metro Wi-Fi and rural markets with a new category of spatially adaptive base stations. The company’s digital beamforming and SDMA technologies are the first and only to resolve the significant performance, penetration and profitability challenges facing large scale metro and rural deployments. Wavion is privately held and backed by world-class investors including Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. (NASDAQ: ELRN), and BRM Capital. Wavion has offices in Miami, Florida US, San Paulo, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Moscow, Russia and New Delhi, India. To learn more, please visit Wavion at www.wavionnetworks.com.

About Coolnet
Coolnet is a new Operator in the Palestinian Territories that has been granted Broadband License and VoIP license. Apart from its new wireless internet services, Coolnet is offering a variety of services from Cool.NET (Internet over ADSL), rCool.NET (Radio over Internet), sCool.NET (E-learning in education institutions), to cCool.NET (Internet over Cable). To learn more about Coolnet offerings please visit Coolnet at www.icoolnet.net.

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