JDSU Announces First TDD-LTE Drive-Test System with Support for Altair Chipsets

The JDSU E6474A Drive-Test solution now provides market-leading TDD-LTE functionality with the introduction of Altair-chipset-device support. JDSU is the first test-equipment supplier to offer Altair compatibility, building on its established FDD-LTE drive-test solution.

This system enables increased productivity via a single test solution that supports multiple types of user equipment (UE). The solution demonstrates unprecedented scalability across multiple wireless technologies to include TDD-LTE, can be customized to meet the user’s precise needs, and is easily upgraded via software.

To accelerate the deployment of TDD-LTE networks, mobile operators and network-equipment manufacturers need to collect and analyze critical LTE RF parametric network data. This is facilitated via the use of real LTE UE such as Altair, which improves testing with end-user-form-factor devices.

Additional solution benefits include:
* monitoring of key LTE KPIs from a UE-based solution, resulting in faster identification of network issues
* RF parametric measurements and data performance tests including throughput, MIMO status, power, and signal quality
* complete network lifecycle coverage with a single tool that scales from initial trials to on-going optimization and troubleshooting.

The E6474A Drive-Test solution with Altair support is available now for new customers as well as the existing JDSU drive-test installed base.


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