GigaSpaces Receives 2012 North American New Product Innovation Award
 Post Date: January 17, 2013  

GigaSpaces, the pioneer of a new generation of application visualization platforms, received Frost & Sullivan’s 2012 North American New Product Innovation Award in New York for its  product, XAP.
The XAP or eXtreme Application platform is an efficient in-memory data-grid platform for fast, scalable, high-availability data access for applications as well as real-time event processing. Swapnadeep Nayak, a research analyst, Technical Insights at Frost & Sullivan explained that XAP can seamlessly scale according to business needs, reduce latency of the system, and leverage benefits of storing data directly into the memory, all through a single platform.

Frost & Sullivan conducted an extensive research on several in-memory data-grid technologies available on the market and the following features for each criterion made GigaSpace’s XAP the best alternative for fast processing and performance:
 Real-time data analytics system which has the ability to process massive data sets for real-time applications (innovative element);
 The In-Memory Distributed Data-Grid Caching Solution which enables storing huge amounts of data into the memory to ensure high availability of data at any point of time for the applications (leverage leading-edge technologies);
 Leveraging cloud support for private, public, and hybrid environments for easy scalability to any environment without the need for any specific framework development for applications (value-added features and benefit);
 Several programming languages supported within the single platform interface without the need for any additional tools and the in-memory data-grid that benefits customers in terms of cost and time invested into the process (increased customer ROI); and
 Fast processing speed of in-memory data-grid and efficient utilization of resources which improves performance of mission-critical applications and applications requiring fast response from the data store. (customer acquisition/penetration potential).

“We are honored to receive such a prestigious award,” said Adi Paz, EVP of Business Development & Marketing. “Having objective validation of the excellent feedback we’ve already received from customers about XAP’s capabilities, especially those related to processing massive data sets for real-time applications, confirms we are on the right path.”

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