BRM Enterprise Portfolio

BRM Enterprise pursues hand-picked investment opportunities in Israel, which show viable business models and strong growth potential, in traditional industries such as telecommunication services, financial markets and real estate.

DS Apex Holdings
DS Apex Holdings, founded in 1989, is a leading Israeli financial powerhouse and Israel’s only full service investment house.  Through its three main lines of business: asset management, including pension and provident fund management, mutual funds, ETF’s, and segregated accounts, investment banking with full service M&A advisory and debt and equity underwriting, and institutional sales and trading, DS Apex has become synonymous to the Israeli capital markets.
With over $19 billion in assets under management, its strong management team with years of financial expertise and over 300 employees, the company enjoys the highest credit rating of all the Israeli investment houses. DS Apex, itself a publicly traded company and member of the broad Tel Aviv 100 Index is a member of Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Degania Medical*
Degania Medical is one of the world’s leading groups specializing in the supply of indwelling medical catheters, silicone medical products and medical devices for critical care and operating rooms.


Glycominds Ltd. holds extensive knowledge and experience in the field of glycomics, utilized for the discovery and development of unique glycan biomarkers which enable high-value medical diagnostics. Glycominds is developing and commercializing a new class of novel blood tests which allow physicians to detect cancer earlier, predict autoimmune disease progression and decide on therapy regimen.

  Hydro Industries*
Hydro Industries focuses on the development and marketing of technologically advanced value-added consumer products.  The Company’s products are based on its Hydro-Pro system – a revolutionary water powered engine which converts water pressure into other forms of energy, such as propulsion. Hydro's automatic hose reel gained significant market share in the North American market by becoming the major automatic product in the category.

StarletDerma is a privately held delivery platform company, focused on the development of proprietary Inocyte suspensions for dermatology and skin care.
V-Wave Ltd is a medical device start-up which develops a novel miniature valve implanted between the left and right atria in an easy and fast percutaneous procedure.
The valve decompresses the excessively high pressures in heart failure patients that suffer from recurrent edema and reduced heart function. V-Wave's solution is a breakthrough solution compared to all current therapeutic options. It’s the only solution that targets its treatment directly on the left atrium without any side effects or need for on-going monitoring. The company completed successfully its pre-clinical work and now focuses on initiating its first in human study.  


 * Investment was made via IGI, a private equity fund now part of The BRM Group.

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