Ahead Of The Crowd

The BRM Group continues to invest in the Israel-related hi-tech industry via BRM Hi-Tech. As the BRM Group’s private technology arm we offer entrepreneurs knowledge, networking and capital with best of market, entrepreneur-friendly investment terms and a long-term company-building focus.

BRM Hi-Tech thrives in uncharted territory. Trusting our instincts and vision, we seek out and invest in companies with truly revolutionary potential. For us, disruptive technology with extraordinary return potential is – simply put - our comfort zone.

Building Market Leaders - Together

We team up with high caliber entrepreneurs with domain expertise, a passion for success, and the vision to apply cutting-edge technologies to create major new markets. Leveraging in-house financial, managerial, operational, and technological skills, we nurture long-term relationships with portfolio companies. Together, we build the trust, loyalty and mutual respect that carry us through adversity to success. Together, we explore the numerous paths and options available to young companies, providing guidance and support from investment, through growth to exit.

  • Sectors - We invest in Israeli-based or Israel-related information technology companies. We focus on the Internet and media, IT and enterprise software sectors - where our team members have both in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience.
  • Stage - BRM leads investments in either seed and early stage startups, or pre-IPO private equity opportunities. We adopt and maintain significant equity positions in our portfolio companies throughout their lifecycles – often taking part in continuing funding, and playing an active role in building, guiding and growing companies from early stage to exit.
  • Role - With a deep respect for the needs of our partners and entrepreneurs, and complete transparency vis-à-vis our level of involvement, we custom-tailor our investment strategy to each company's individual needs. Together, we build the right mix of managerial  involvement, administrative support, and highly proactive business development activities. 
BRM Hi-Tech generally leads or co-lead investments. We prefer a pivotal and 
active role in our portfolio companies, filling either the chairmanship position or a seat
on the Board of Directors. 
Send Us Your Ideas

If you have a good idea, or are in the start-up or expansion rounds of funding, send us an executive summary or business plan. We’re easy to reach. You don’t have to know somebody who knows somebody. Just email your business plan to the address below. We’ll answer you promptly.

We look forward to hearing from you.  


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