A Shared vision of Growth

At BRM Hi-Tech, we do business the way you do business – because our business starts with you.

We seek out companies with disruptive technologies and exceptionally high return potential – and then work closely with them to build company, and value. We bring to the table knowledge, a broad network of door-opening contacts, and capital with uniquely entrepreneur-friendly investment terms.

At BRM Hi-Tech, we share your vision for the future, and work closely with you to make it reality. We leverage in-house financial, managerial, operational, and technological skills to nurture a long term relationship with you and your company. Together, we explore the numerous paths and options available.

 Straightforward Investment Terms

BRM Hi-Tech cuts through the legalese of standardized investment terms sheets – offering entrepreneurs a set of terms that are clear, understandable, and fair. We custom-tailor our investment strategy to your individual needs, and streamline the due diligence process (usually as short as 4-6 weeks, following our initial review) - focusing on the truly critical issues.

Even during our due diligence process, we begin working with your company informally - adding value in terms of business development and strategy input, and contributing to your success even before committing to investing. After investment, we continue to work with you as you pursue follow-on funding, helping perfect your investor pitch and fundraising strategy, and facilitating introductions to both local and international venture funds.

We Want to Hear from You

If you’ve been in touch with us and have feedback (positive or negative) or questions – or if you want to get in touch with us about potential cooperation - we want to hear from you. We’re here to listen. Please contact us at:


Tel: +972.9.954.9555

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